Snow School Lessons & Programs

Snow School Lessons & Programs

Ski and Snowboard Lessons

Bittersweet Ski and Snowboard School offers a variety of lessons designed to meet individual needs for a variety of ages and ability levels. 


Private Lesson - 1 hour.   Cost is $75 for one person; additional people $50 each.  

Our most popular lesson, tailored to your specific needs.  This is an individual lesson for all ability levels, first-timers through experts.  When adding additional people to your private lesson, please make sure all those in the lesson are at a similar ability level and of the same discipline. (e.g. everyone is a first timer, and everyone is on skis; or, everyone is at an intermediate level on snowboards, etc.)  Ages 5 and up.

Family Lesson - 1-1/2 Hour.  Cost is $300 for a group, maximum of 5 people.  Your group can choose either skiing or snowboarding, but not both.  Ages 5 and up for skiing, ages 6 and up for snowboarding.  

30 minute Intro to Skiing for ages 3 and 4.  Cost is $50 for 30 minutes.  For young skiers only; no snowboards.  

Group Lessons for Skiers - 1 Hour Beginner Lesson.  Cost is $40 per person.  Ages 7 and up.   These lessons run daily at 4:00 and 5:00 pm.  

Group Lessons for Snowboarders - 1 Hour Beginner Lesson.  Cost is $40 per person.  Ages 8 and up.  These lessons run daily at 4:00 and 5:00 pm.


Package Deals are available for those taking private or family lessons.  ( lessons don't qualify for these discounts).

Bundle your private or family lesson with discounted lift tickets and equipment rental.  Costs for adding lift tickets and rentals to your lesson:  

Ages 4 and under  

  • Free beginner lift ticket
  • $20 rentals

Ages 5-9  

  • $20 beginner lift ticket, or $30 all area lift ticket
  • $20 rentals

Ages 10 and up

  • $30 beginner lift ticket, or $40 all area lift ticket
  • $20 rentals


Range of Sizes for Bittersweet Rental Gear

Smallest kid's ski boot size is 8/Shortest ski length is 80cm

Largest adult size is 16/Longest ski length is 180cm


Snowboard boots/length:

Smallest kids snowboard boot is size 1/Shortest snowboard length is 100cm

Largest adult snowboard boot size is 15/Longest snowboard length is 165cm





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