Q: Do you offer tubing?
A:  No, just skiing/snowboarding.
Q:  Can I buy lift tickets and rentals ahead of time or online?
A:  No, lift tickets and rental equipment are purchased onsite the day of your visit.
Q:  Do you offer 1/2 day passes?
A:  No, each ticket is valid all day until close.  Ticket prices are discounted each day at 5pm.  Please check the Tickets & Passes section of our website for further details.
Q:  Can I rent just boots?
A:  No, rentals can only be purchased as a package.
Q:  Can I rent goggles or apparel?
A:  No, all rentals include boots & ski’s or boots & snowboard.  Apparel is not available to rent, but we do have a ski shop where apparel, goggles etc. can be purchased.  Equipment rental forms can be purchased at the ticket window.
Q:  What is your largest/smallest ski/snowboard rental sizes?
A:  Ski Boots:  Smallest kids size 8; Largest men’s size 15. Snowboard Boots:  Smallest kids size 1; Largest men’s size 15.
Q:  Do you offer lodging?
A:  No, but there is a Comfort Inn within 6 miles along with other options listed in the lodging section of our website.
Q:  When can I use my ski club card?
A:  Student and adult ski club cards are valid on the individual club/school pre-determined weekday and after 3pm on Sundays.  Student skill evaluations will not be available on Sundays or during the holiday periods.
Q:  Do you have lockers?
A:  Yes, they are .75 cents each time you lock it.
Q:  How cold does it have to be to make snow?
A:  Snowmaking requires the temperature of 20 degrees or below.  Temperature and humidity are crucial to the process.
Q:  Why should I put my Iphone 14 in Airplane mode while skiiing/snowboarding
A:  The Iphone 14 has a feature that dials 911 in the event of a crash.  Ski Patrol are our first responders in the event of a fall or emergency.  In order to avoid unnecessary 911 calls from your Iphone 14, airplane mode is the only way to halt this feature.
Q:  When does your season end?
A:  Closing day depends on the weather and our snow conditions, usually mid to late March.