OFFICE HOURS: Noon-5PM Tuesday through Friday. Also SEASON PASS PRICES INCREASE NOVEMBER 1. INFORMATION IS NOW ON THE WEBSITE OR GIVE US A CALL 269-694-2820 DURING OFFICE HOURS REMINDER to all Ski Club Sponsors. We hope to see you at our Sponsor meeting on Monday 10/22 @ 5:30pm. We have a full agenda with updates on Bittersweet upgrades, suggestions to make communication and trip organization easier and safer. Pizza and drinks will be provided Come out, have some fun and see whats new

Day Pass Photo Contest Winners

Season Passes.

Download your 2018-2019 Bittersweet Season Pass Application here.


Bittersweet is looking for photos and video for use in our promotional materials.

We’re offering two free day passes (up to $92 value) for every photo, and $100 for every video that makes the cut.

If you have action photos or videos, shots of the patio, top of the hill, or any photo or video that shows people having a good time at Bittersweet, visit, and upload your photos or a link to your video.

If it’s one that we can use for promotion, you’ll receive 2 free day passes for each photo, and $100 for each video clip. This program will only run for a limited time, so don’t delay.

Some restrictions apply. Find out more here.